Yes, you can. We’ve done a lot of installs of light fixtures, outlets, switches, etc. and we can easily give you an estimate for these kinds of items. However, we DO NOT offer free estimates with any onsite visits or diagnostic testing

Yes, all our electricians are qualified. Our 5 Star service is your peace-of-mind.

With our years of experience serving a wide variety of clients, we know what a job will take in both time and resources. Rest assured that our price will be a fair estimate of what your specific project requires. There are times where unseen factors affect the final price that are out of our control. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of any developments with your project.

Our electricians carry a lot of electrical parts. We certainly hope to carry a wide range of parts to enable us to fix and replace faulty parts and get your electrical system working as quickly as possible.

We have a fleet of service vehicles ready to meet the electrical needs of any of our commercial or residential clients in a timely manner. We also have a 48 – foot bucket truck ensuring that any work requiring an expert electrical contractor can be met both on the ground and off.