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Some investigative work or testing on electrical problems may require a charge on our first visit.


Installation and repair of indoor and outdoor lighting, appliances, general electrical work, and upgrades.



Installation and repair for office buildings, restaurants, apartments, and industrial applications.



Security Services

Our professionally monitored specialty security services cover burglar, fire and hold-up alarm systems.



Lead Certification

Contractors working on home, schools, or day care centers built before 1978 must be EPA Lead-Safe Certified


How Do You Know If You Need a Electrcian?

When it comes to working with electrical systems and wiring in your home or place of business, safety should always be the number one concern. There are numerous ways for an electrical issue to cause harm to you or your property. That’s why hiring professionals is so important. To help, we listed a few of the signs you may need to seek out a professional electrical contractor

New Systems and Additons

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One of the more obvious reasons to seek out a professional electrician is to ensure any new electrical systems and wiring be done properly. Whether its a new office space, a new room to your home, or a system update make sure to hire a professional.

Lights Flickering or Dim

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This may be an obvious sign that there’s an issue but not necessarily what’s causing it. An experienced electrician will be able to determine what the culprit is and fix the issue before it leads to a larger problem.

Constant Circuit Breaker Trips

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This is usually a sign that your current system is drawing more current than was originally intended. It could be a new appliance that was added to the circuit or a sign that your electrical system needs an upgrade.

Warm Outlets and Switches

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No matter how your system is set up your outlets and switches should never be warm to the touch. This is a sign that the circuit is being overloaded and poses a major shock risk at some of your switches and circuits. An electrician may have to perform a system upgrade and redo the wiring in some areas.

Budget Friendly Work

With our years of experience serving a wide variety of clients, we know what a job will take in both time and resources. Rest assured that our price will be a fair estimate of what your specific project requires. There are times where unseen factors affect the final price that are out of our control. We’ll be sure to keep you informed of any developments with your project. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your complete satisfaction with our electricians and electrical repairs is our priority and always 100% guaranteed. We are a licensed and insured electrical contractor serving the Southeast Wisconsin area with pride.

Free Estimates

We’ve done a lot of installs of light fixtures, outlets, switches, etc. and we can easily give you an estimate for these kinds of items. However, we DO NOT offer free estimates with any onsite visits or diagnostic testing

Don’t be shocked with surprises. 

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I placed a call to Advance Electrical Contractors due to our exterior outlet not functioning. The gentleman on the phone proceeded to take the time to explain possible reasons as well as coach me through troubleshooting with things I could do on my own to remedy. Not only did I receive comprehensive information, but I avoided a $300 service charge! Highly recommend working with this team!

Meghan Bowers


We’d used Advance Electrical Contractors LLC once before for some electrical work, so when we needed two outlets installed, one inside and one outside, they were the company we called. The office staff was friendly, and It was easy to get an appointment. The electrician arrived timely. He was here, he got the work done, and he was gone. It was all pretty seamless. I was very satisfied with the job done by Advance Electrical Contractors LLC.

Jeff R.




We have a fleet of service vehicles ready to meet the electrical needs of any of our commercial or residential clients in a timely manner. 

We also have a 48 – foot bucket truck ensuring that any work requiring an expert electrical contractor can be met both on the ground and off.



Advance Electrical Contractors is a full-service electrical contractor serving Southeastern Wisconsin. We are proud of our 5 Star customer ratings and have achieved this honor by providing outstanding customer service and a terrific end product.

We work directly with homeowners as well as with architects, commercial applications, designers, builders, remodelers, investors, and property managers on thousands of projects, big and small.


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